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 Where is the League?!!

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PostSubject: Where is the League?!!   Tue 14 Jun - 14:31

Lately, it seems that our League, although composed of many members, is not as active as it used to be. Granted, I know that a lot of different members are probably in a different time zone, so when I get on, it could very well be that everyone has already logged off. But even during the weekend, when I can play during the day, I don't see many members on. So the question is, who is still actively playing, and during what times is everyone on? Also, what time zone are you all in? I know that the Kandorian is gone for now, but Calibre, who used to be on all the time, is never around when I'm on.

I'm on Pacific standard time, and I usually don't log in until late, so I know most in the east coast might be of by then. But now that I have some fully geared toons, I'm looking to Raid more with the League instead of just PUGs. I know Thursday was our official Raid nights, but I don't even see anyone by the time I come on. So I would like to start another League raid night for those who can't make it on Thursday, like me. And now with the new T2 alerts, maybe we can get more members on to gear up a little faster, and make it more of an active league again.

Also, since I'm on every night still, I nominate myself to become another leader for Dynasty, since I'm on when most of our other leaders are already logged of. That way, I can continue helping other league members level up and team up on alerts and raids. So who's still with me? FOR THE LEAGUE!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Where is the League?!!   Tue 14 Jun - 16:24

Ive popped on a few times in the last week, and i was either only one on or there was one other. I wouldnt mind getting back into it though. Ill try to pop on tonight around 10 CST, thats usually when i have time.
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Where is the League?!!
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