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 5 march patch whats new ?

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5 march patch whats new ?  Empty
PostSubject: 5 march patch whats new ?    5 march patch whats new ?  I_icon_minitimeTue 5 Apr - 2:33

New Features:

* New Batcave Raid: With Brother Eye out of the way, only Brainiac remains and only you can stop him!. Take your Raid group into the Brainiac Subconstruct, rescue Batman, and help put an end to his occupation of the Batcave.
* Heads or Tails: The Penguin is up to something big, and Harvey Dent/Two Face wants your help to take him down. Make your way to the Gotham Sewers for a chance at new loot and adventure.
* New PvP Legends Character: Battle your friends or other players as Two Face using his unique set of abilities.
* Improved Social UI: All new League functionality and Social menus will allow you to stay in touch with other players even better.
* New Appearance Items: All new Celtic themed items are available for collection.
* New Races: You may be used to trying to beat the clock, but can you dodge Mr. Mxyzpltk and his tricks?
* Join the battle between Green Lantern and Yellow Lantern Corps! Players will find a brand new Duo where they will overcome powerful constructs and claim victory against John Stewart or Sinestro!


* Dr Sivana’s robot should no longer attack players while in the Club 539 villain safehouse in Burnley.
* Items that are weaponized should now be attackable once they are put down.
* Trying to interact with something while logging out will now cancel the log out process.
* Knocked out NPC s no longer stand back up after 20 seconds.
* Knocked out players no longer stand up until they rally.
* Added “Power Restoration” and “Damage Taken” stats to the PvE scorecard.
* Changing your style while shape changed should now work properly.

Alerts, Raids, Duos:

* Ace Chemicals: If the entire party is knocked out and exits the area with Chemo then the fight will now properly reset removing all the Chemoids and returning Chemo to full health.
* Arkham Asylum: Players can no longer get locked out of the Mr. Freeze fight so that it is impossible for them to continue.
* Arkham Asylum: Improved the hold position for the weaponizable poison spores.
* Hall of Doom Armory: Defeating the Bronze Idol will no longer cause the alert to sometimes get in a state where it is no longer possible to continue.
* Hall of Doom Armory: The System Breaker fight now has a ten minute core breach timer rather than a five minute timer.
* Hall of Doom Armory: The number of Kilobits per wave in the System Hacker encounter has been reduced from 4 to 3.
* Hall of Doom Armory: The amount the System Hacker heals between phases has been reduced.
* Hall of Doom Armory: The minimum time before an add wave can spawn after a phase change has been increased in the System Hacker encounter.
* Cape Carmine Lighthouse: The Juicers and Strongmen should now despawn properly when they are defeated.
* Cape Carmine Lighthouse: It is now possible, with some skill, to avoid the electrical discharges coming from the boxes throughout the instance.
* Cape Carmine Lighthouse: Diego should no longer attack the players prior to his introductory cutscene.
* Gorilla Grodd’s Lab: Throwing a barrel at Zoom before he goes active will no longer prevent players from being able to progress through the Duo.
* Gotham Mercy Hospital: An exit has been added to the boss room which will activate after defeating Cold Cut.
* Gotham Mercy Hospital: The Cold Cut introduction cutscene should no longer play again if all players are knocked out and have to restart the boss fight.
* Gotham Mercy Hospital: If all players are knocked out in the Cold Cut room, the encounter should now reset properly allowing players to attempt to defeat Cold Cut again.
* HiVE Base: Some additional messaging has been added to make it clear that the last generator will be vulnerable after you defeat Captain Bumble.
* OMAC Base: Defeating the OMACs in the first room with the EMP will no longer cause the gate to the second room to close thus blocking progression.
* Batcave: Inner Sanctum: The Black Hole barrels and the Brother Eye wall monitors should now properly align to a player’s hands when picked up.
* Batcave: Inner Sanctum: Adjusted the timing of Brother Eye’s laser knife beam.
* Batcave: Outer Caverns: All Flashbang Drones in the RCP encounter will self destruct after 40 seconds.
* Batcave: Outer Caverns: The number of Flashbang Drones active at one time has been decreased from 3 to 2.
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5 march patch whats new ?
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