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 Tank role 101 iso 9001

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The kandorian
The kandorian

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PostSubject: Tank role 101 iso 9001   Tank role 101 iso 9001 I_icon_minitimeWed 23 Mar - 22:13

here is tank role tutorial


The Tank or Defensive role is one of the four roles available in DC Universe Online. It is the Tank's role to keep the group safe by attracting enemies' attention.

* 1 Role-specific Passives
* 2 Fire Tanking
* 3 Ice Tanking
* 4 Recommended Powers and Skills
o 4.1 Weapon Styles
o 4.2 Movement
o 4.3 Iconic Powers
o 4.4 Fire
o 4.5 Ice
* 5 General Strategy
* 6 See also

There are two powers that have the tank role available to them - Ice and Fire. They both play similarly, but are different in the way they deal with damage taken.

While tank role is active, a character will have their Dominance doubled, deal 20% reduced damage and using powers on enemies will attract their attention and cause them to attack the tank. This effect is aided by Dominance and will last for a maximum of 12 seconds. Tanks also gain 3 Perception that will help them detect stealthed enemies.

In PvP tanks are inheritely strong against controllers as they are highly resistant to controller debuffs, and may gain a significant damage bonus when attacking them. They are also inheritely weak against healers, who can strip down their otherwise high defenses.
Fire TankingEdit Fire Tanking sectionEdit

Using a power as a Fire tank will increase a character's health by 60% and any healing taken (with the exception of Soder Cola) will be increased by 80%. This effect lasts 12 seconds.

Fire tanks play differently from Ice in that they possess several self-healing abilities, which will ease the healer's job, as well as possibly survive long enough to finish a fight if the healer has been taken out of the fight. It is therefore a good idea to invest any extra skill points into Restoration, healing critical chance and magnitude. However, this is a very power-intensive playstyle and without a controller providing extra power, a Fire tank will easily run dry unless they are careful.
Ice TankingEdit Ice Tanking sectionEdit

Using a power as an Ice tank will increase a character's Defense and Toughness by 90%. This effect lasts 12 seconds.

Ice tanks rely entirely on damage mitigation, and while they do possess some self-healing it is not designed for consistent use. Ice tanks should invest any extra skill points into bonus Health as it is effectively multiplied by the high damage mitigation. Ice tanking is much less power consuming than Fire, making it the better choice if there isn't a controller in the group.
Recommended Powers and SkillsEdit Recommended Powers and Skills sectionEdit

Tanks should choose their passive and active skills and powers with some foresight, as loadouts are limited to only 6 abilities and tanks must remain as versatile as possible.
Weapon StylesEdit Weapon Styles sectionEdit

Bow and Staff skill trees are the only weapon skill trees that have a Defense bonus which should always be invested in. Reffer to the Weapon Styles page for a breakdown of innate bonuses.

A tank should always skill up a weapon's leaping combo, typically used by holding left click. Using this will quickly move a character into melee range of their target, allowing them to quickly change or recover their positioning.

Choosing a weapon type should rely almost entirely on the stats they give. The weapon is merely there to help the power generation and provide additional crowd control and movement, which is why the only bad tanking weapon style is Rifles as they lack a leap attack, which hinders a tank's mobility.
MovementEdit Movement sectionEdit

All movement modes share two general perks useful to tanks. The first of these are skills which allow the tank to pull enemies towards them - Low Pressure (Flight), Tornado Pull (Super Speed) and Grapple Line Attack (Acrobatics), out of which Grapple Line Attack is the only one that isn't an area effect. Getting these abilities will cost only one or two skill points and are more important to Fire tanks, since they don't have a pull like this in ther powerset.

The second is the passive boost to Breakout and crowd control resistance. However this is a costly investment. The power restore effects are useful in both pve and pvp tanking.
Iconic PowersEdit Iconic Powers sectionEdit

Out of the active Iconic Powers, the only ones that are well-suited to tanking are Hard Light Shield and Amazonian Deflection, with the latter more suited to PvP.

Out of the innate Iconic Powers, the only ones that are not suited to tanking are Super-Strength, Tactical Genius and Weapons Expert, while Empathic Healing and Miracle Worker are useful only to Fire tanks.
FireEdit Fire sectionEdit

* Flashpoint (Immolation) will provide a quick area effect knock-up with a low cooldown, power cost and damage.

* Burnout (Immolation) will provide self healing and crowd control immunity to the entire group, making it an excellent PvP power.

* Meteor Strike (Immolation) is a way of applying Burning at range and the meteor itself can be thrown for a good chunk of area damage.

* Enflame (Immolation) provides a reliable way of applying Burning to targets in melee range.

* Fiery Weapon (Immolation) will self-heal when attacking a Burning enemy. This will trigger only once per activation.

* Absorb Heat (Ignition) will stun and self-heal when used on a Burning enemy.

* Reignition (Immolation, 25% Supercharge) provides a strong self-heal and will apply Burning.

* Eternal Flame (Ignition, 100% Supercharge) will double the character's health and self-heal for a small amount every time the character is hit, making it very effective when swarmed by numerous enemies.

IceEdit Ice sectionEdit

Many Cryogenics powers will provide a stacking Chill effect which will encase the character in Ice Armor after five stacks.

Ice Elemental (Cryogenics, 100% Supercharge) is an excellent way to survive a tough spot or give your healer(s) a break if they are having trouble keeping you alive.
General StrategyEdit General Strategy sectionEdit

As a tank it is your job is to reduce the overall damage your group takes. This means you must disable and taunt enemies when possible with area effect powers - pull enemies towards you and gather them in one big group to make doing this easier. Dodge powerful attacks by moving out of range or breaking line of sight.

Blocking is extremely effective if done right. It will reduce incoming damage by approximately 70%, interrupt most weapon combos by stunning the attacker and provide protection against most crowd control effects. You should always block if you feel you're overwhelmed and your healer(s) can't keep up with the damage you take or you see a big attack coming and can't dodge it. However, blocking too much will strain your power generation and makes you immobile, making it easier for enemies to bypass you.

my power set

-enflamme :Very efficient ure aggro -dps helper +35% damage during the clock and 10 % control

- Meteor : i love meteor , its enflamming your ennemies wich give you ooportunities to get heal from them when u have good pwer set. cause a lot of dammage , plus you and ure alies can use the meteor several time to launch it at ure ooponents , the only problem is that ure ooponents can use it aigainst you as well but its rare..

- absorb heat : you need to have it to heal ure self from enflamming target +dps+healing very good

- immolation : Very efficient ure aggro -dps helper +35% damage during the clock and 10 % control +enflamme ure oponnents you can combo with absorb heat imo+close dps+absorb heat my classic aggro - dps to have more damage power replace by burn out 60% during the clock

Inferno : burn evrything around you after 5 sec charge very nice to help the DPS and usefull with absorb heat to auto heal

-reigniation : My life saver , works like flash point but heal you like a soda extreme style at same time and enflamme ure enemies ...the only problem it needs supermeter bar so you better use it during final fights but its my TANK favourite power

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the Moonlighter

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PostSubject: Re: Tank role 101 iso 9001   Tank role 101 iso 9001 I_icon_minitimeMon 28 Mar - 9:18

So are tanks good for DPSing???
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The kandorian
The kandorian

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PostSubject: Re: Tank role 101 iso 9001   Tank role 101 iso 9001 I_icon_minitimeMon 28 Mar - 15:09

the Moonlighter wrote:
So are tanks good for DPSing???

well 1st role is to take damage and hit hard u dont have time to dps a lot cause the monster is on you thats why dps is range cause he focus on dpsing

you need to hit hard to hold aggro but u dont need to hit a lot like dps , ice tank do more damage than fire tank but fire tank can auto heal wich allow him to take more damage
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PostSubject: Re: Tank role 101 iso 9001   Tank role 101 iso 9001 I_icon_minitime

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Tank role 101 iso 9001
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