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 summary of the month

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The kandorian
The kandorian

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PostSubject: summary of the month   summary of the month I_icon_minitimeMon 14 Mar - 18:22

1 month already...

2 days ago i was really happy to see how this league was turning , i was talking to my prime officer calibre who had the same way of thinking .

so i wanted to congratulate evry members who reached the famous level 30

plus earlier than expected we could actually form several geared group for medium HARD ALERTS , and even a promissing 1st team for RAIDS , clap clap evryone its great thanks to our very active members special mention to TACTICUS(dps tact), PRISIM(troller, healer tact), DEATHSGLORIOUSHAND( healer tact),CALIBRE(officer troller, dps tact) for stepping up and sharing their experience without you guys nothing of all this would of been possible .

so every members of DYNASTY please refer to these people if u have any questions about ure role , gear , powers sets spec etc...

please note the requirements about m├ędium hard alerts is at least 2 t1 gear and 200 dom( troller and tank)

and raid FOR SECOND TEAM is 3t1 gear and 350 dom( troller and tank)

im very proud of you guys and thanks for chosing DYNASTY, BUT i guess that some of you guys forgot what was the league about.

Some of you guys have your egoes growing bigger with experience and gear. you probably think that im stupid and i dont see that other leagues are trying to enroll you lol which is good cause you are good players and it means that the goals of DYNASTY, the first leitmotiv of dynasty have been reached

Its up to you guys to know what you want ,

use the league to level up yourself , Train yourself ( wich was my first purpose)then leave for better purposes and bigger leagues with people with big skills like yours.


Helping the league doing another step to become something bigger with good spirit , with sane and collective purposes that u know will not drop u along the way.

take note and do not be fooled by being recruited by a 200 members league because it just means with all those members if they need you that means they are not doing such a good job with their own members .

plus be aware that i have a league leader meeting soon to talk about ethical issues between the leagues 4 of them answered positively Smile

that was the summary of our first month

keep doing good job im proud of you and as HAWKMAN would yel FOR THE LEAGUE!!!!!

The Kandorian
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summary of the month
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